Saturday, November 14, 2020

Master Class

On this pretty fall Saturday afternoon, Dave and I drove down to our office building in Frydlant. 

Dave had a very interesting afternoon ahead of him.

We came early to get him all set up to film, and then waited for 4:00 PM to arrive before he started a three hour "live" Zoom, with potentially 1000 people who had signed up for his master class on Spiritual Warfare!

Dave has been part of the European Leadership Forum for many years now, and has had the privilege of speaking at some of their conferences which are held annually in Poland. 

This year's conference went online in May due to coronavirus. But this opened the door for ELF to think strategically about how to get more resources online. They began to gather speakers to do master classes throughout the year, and today was Dave's turn to do one of them. 

From his office down the hall, I listened to all three hours of his teaching and was totally captivated. And I've heard it before! But he does a great job of walking you through the theology of spiritual warfare, and practical ways to deal with it.

If you're interested in listening, they've separated it into five different sessions which you can find HERE if you look for Dave's name and the November 14, 2020 date.

I hope for some of you reading, that it might be encouraging to learn more about this topic from Dave.

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