Thursday, November 26, 2020

Most Unusual Thanksgiving

Normally on this day, Dave and I would be up here at Malenovice, celebrating Thanksgiving with a crowd of JV people. 

But because of the restrictions due to COVID-19, we cancelled the big gathering for Thanksgiving and instead urged our team to meet together in small groups for the celebration.

Because Tyler and Lara were hosting their ForMission team today, and Claire is at her home, sick, we planned our family Thanksgiving for Saturday, so are alone for this holiday, for the first time in our married lives! 

It was actually a really sweet day, taking time to talk and pray with each other, thanking the Lord for His blessings over our lives. And then, as we usually do, we came up to Malenovice anyway!

The reconstruction project to expand the kitchen and dining facilities, is in full swing.

The beams covering the terrace have started going up in preparation for covering it. It's going to be iconically beautiful when it's finished...inside and out!

Changes are being made inside too. Not only is the kitchen getting a complete overhaul, but also the way that we serve food will also get a change. 

This space used to be part of our dining room, but will now hold a new cafe bar for ordering drinks, as well as a whole new place for buffet style service of food. It's going to be amazing and I'm super excited about the changes taking place.

But it was strange to be here on this day, the American holiday of Thanksgiving, where we would normally gather in this part of the dining room to give thanks with over 150 people, before diving into a literal feast of food that people had prepared. 

We weren't going to be here anyway for Thanksgiving this year (since reconstruction had already been planned), but instead would have been at our JV facility in Poland, H20. 

So in the end, Dave and I did get to make the familiar trek up here to Malenovice (it's all of a four minute drive from our house!), to see the progress and remember, with thanksgiving, God's goodness in giving Malenovice to us for furthering His Kingdom across this entire region. 

Lord willing, the pandemic will be over next year, and we'll be back again for another Thanksgiving up here at this beautiful place. 

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