Friday, May 2, 2008

Hope Today

Just when we thought we were at a dead-end, the Lord surprised us.

Last night my mom called with some news. Earlier in the day she'd had a conversation with a friend who asked about Caleb. When she heard that there had been no diagnosis, and that the pain was still severe, she said, "Let me make a phone call for you."

Fast forward seven mom called me at 10 PM to say she had just called back and we had an appointment with another doctor at 11 AM...the very next morning!

This came on the heels of a discouraging morning yesterday. The second doctor who was looking at Caleb's case was willing to give a second opinion but...did not have space to see him until June 16th. And that was after the office manager combed his books looking for one little space to sneak him in. At that point we knew this was not the place for Caleb. That left us discouraged and asking the Lord for what was next.

And then...God moved in the heart of this new doctor, who took a call on his personal number at night from my mom's friend, and had space to see us the very next day! Remarkable, really.

This doctor has some ideas about what's going on so is pursuing treatment with him. We pray this will be effective for Caleb.

Most of all we were encouraged by his hopeful, engaged, kind heart today. When we left Caleb said, "I like this guy! He makes me think I don't have to live in pain forever!"

Caleb and I have had many talks these past two weeks about how the Lord sometimes brings physical suffering into our lives. We both acknowledged the value and good that it can produce, and neither of us want to push away what He's doing through this in our lives. But there sure does come a point where it is draining and you wish it could be over.

We don't know if we're nearing the end, or if there is more to come. But at least we have some hope today. We're thankful for that.

PS. Caleb and I get stir crazy sometimes so go hang out at Starbucks or Panera or the pet store, even though he doesn't feel good...the pic is he and I at Starbucks this week. We drove south two hours today to be with my parents for a few days. It's nice to be here with them.


  1. our internet has been out but just came back on. So glad to hear some good news. I rejoice with you. Praise him in Starbucks in the midst of pain - let's write a worship song about that!
    Andrea Pitcher

  2. Just wanted to know that I'm lifting you both up in prayer every day.
    Terri (Deveault) Kennedy