Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Home

It feels ever so nice to be back at home! We arrived in Prague Monday afternoon after an uneventful, though long, flight back. Dave picked us up at the airport - what a happy reunion that was! And then of course it was just as sweet of a reunion at home with Tyler and Claire.

While we were in the States, Caleb sadly missed an orthodontist appointment for getting his braces off. The doctor then got sick and was out for a month with pneumonia. When Dave called to reschedule the appointment, her nurse said there was no way she would have time to take them off before we left for the States again - she was completely on a backlog of appointments.

Dave told Caleb he could sure pray about it, but that there was a good chance he'd have to wait until the end of July to get them off.

But our compassionate Father heard Caleb's pleas and gave him an appointment...the very day after we arrived! We were in the doctor's office yesterday at 1 and Caleb is now happily without braces! What a good gift after all he's been through.


  1. Wow, what sweet lookin pearly whites. I know Caleb was most excited about the braces coming off sooner rather than later. Looking good!


  2. Yea God! and glad you are home. I am looking forward to a nice long chat but figured you must be scrambling these days and I can wait until Denver! Counting the days!