Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pill Cam Done

The picture gives an adequate view of how Caleb feels after three and a h
alf weeks of tests here in Oregon. Poor guy...he's pretty much used up all his reserves by now and just wants to go home. I don't blame him...I do too.

But we're not done by any means.

Yesterday he had the pill cam test. In a seven and a half hour period of time, this little camera that he swallowed took over 50,000 photos of his insides! It is a super cool technological breakthrough that was only approved for the general public in 2006. It will give the doctors a lot of data to work through in trying to figure out the cause of Caleb's pain.

It normally takes two weeks for them to get the report back to the patient, but they told us yesterday they would try and rush it. Even so, it will most likely be next Frid
ay before we get any news.

In the meantime we are back down in Eugene with my parents. Yesterday was my dad's 70th birthday so it was special to be here to celebrate that with him. Plus I haven't been with my mom on Mother's Day in at least 20 years so it will be wonderful to spend that holiday with her. I'm taking her for a pedicure today for some fun mom-daughter time together!

For Caleb, the pain continues. He had an especially painful night last night. As you can imagine, it's taking every ounce of his fiber to live and deal with this level of pain.

I know you're are we. The Lord knows exactly what's going on - none of this is a surprise to Him. So we wait on Him for His timing, His answers, His healing.

We have had to change our airline tickets as we were scheduled to leave this coming Tuesday. But since we have no answers yet we don't know when we'll make it home and that's hard on all of us. Thanks for remembering to pray for Dave, Tyler and Claire at home. They need the Lord in a special way too right now.


  1. that would be a very funny picture of Caleb if i didn't know he was really feeling that bad!

  2. We're praying. Thanks for keeping us updated.