Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pill Cam on Friday

After literally spending the entire day today on the phone with doctors, nurses, assistants and schedulers, the appointment for the pill cam was made for this Friday morning.

By now I know that any medical appointment that you get within a few days is a miracle, and this one is no exception. Although our Pediatric GI doctor had made arrangements with the adult GI doctor to do the cam, getting through his schedulers for it was another matter. The first date they gave to me was June 1st!

But after persistence all day, they arranged it for this Friday. We'll be at OHSU again at 8:15, with him swallowing the capsule at 8:30. At 4:30 we'll return to have them take off the transmitter and sensors. The adult GI doctor will review the transmitted information on Monday or Tuesday, and we'll see our Pediatric GI doctor on Wednesday for the results.

My dad's 70th birthday is Friday so we'll head down to Eugene after Caleb gets unhooked. We'll plan to be there until we return for the follow up appointment on Wednesday.

Thanks for praying us through this! Literally, I believe the Lord has heard our cries and answered today through your persistent prayers. This is a significant step forward in finding what's wrong inside of Caleb's intestines.

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