Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Day at the Beach

Caleb and I went to the Oregon coast with my mom, dad and brother today...what a good day!

The Oregon coast, and especially Newport, is a place of comfort from my childhood. Eating clam chowder at Mo's, peeking in the gift shops downtown, and walking on the beach are all things that fill me up.

Today was even more meaningful since Caleb was feeling a bit better (only at a "6" in pain, rather than a "9" like he's been at) and we could all enjoy the day...that was a goo
d gift from the Lord!

Oddly enough, one of the best parts of the day though was a small, serendipitous moment...happening onto a little fire that someone had started on the beach, but had just walked away from as we arrived.

The Oregon coast is not known for its warmth so usually it's hard to stay down there for too long when it's windy, cold and misty as it often is.

But when we found the little fire and started feeding it with driftwood, suddenly it was one of the best places to be on earth!

We stayed down there for two dad even drove back into town and got marshmallows for us to roast in our fire! We definitely made the most of the opportunity!

It was such a good day...good to be with family, good to see Caleb feeling a bit better, and good to enjoy the beauty of the Oregon coast,

With all that's been going on, we needed a day like today!


  1. yay, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!! =)

  2. How fun! I'm so thankful that you are still getting showers of His good gifts in the midst of all of this.

    Love, Laurie

  3. God's surprises of joy ! And dear Connie, you keep your eyes and heart open to God's kindness and don't miss one !

    Caleb, you looked great. We are all praying you "well."

    Your spirit of facing the giants and not losing your confidence or joy in the Lord is an inspiration to us all.

    God doesn't lose battles !

    Love, Shirley

  4. Though I love having our phone chats, it's a fun addition to read your blog and see it all in writing! I'm celebrating with you ALL that God is doing, seen and unseen. Definately we are experiencing a time like never before, and I know this last month will be part of our forever stories to tell. :o)

    Love you much, Michelle

  5. Oh How I remember the Oregon Coast...I much prefer the tropical coast of Guam! You should all come here for a qucik little visit!!!
    Love to see your smiles!!
    Holding you in Prayer every day
    Terri for Team Atkinson