Sunday, May 11, 2008

More to Life

While right now much of life is about what's going on with Caleb, there really is more to life than that. Like...celebrating Mother's Day!

One of the blessings of being here right now is spending Mother's Day with my mom for the first time in at least 20 years.

We actually can't remember when the last time of the sacrifices my mom has so lovingly and unselfishly made these past 24 years that I've lived an ocean away.

I celebrated my mom by taking her for her very first pedicure today! We had so much fun getting pampered for an hour.

And if that wasn't enough, another hour together at Ross (Dress for Less!) was just what we both needed in the midst of all this difficult medical stuff with Caleb.

I love my mom and love that the Lord let me be here with her for this Mother's Day!


  1. you look a lot like your mom :) what a blessing that you can be with her on mothers day! the manna in the desert... that reminds us that God still cares. still praying

  2. Dearest Connie,
    You look absolutely beautiful....not one bit the worse for wear. And your Mom ! The same. But I know very well that glowing beauty comes from the inside out.

    I am praying....praying...praying with countless others. God is answering. He just hasn't let all of us know yet.

    Caleb, you look sooooooooo much like your Dad. God's gift to your Mom right now while she and you are away from your Dad.

    Call if possible....I would love to share some of your "waiting time" with you....but more than that, I would simply love to be with you.
    Loving you the more,

  3. Connie,

    I missed meeting you at the JJ conference but have been praying for you and Caleb - and Dave, Tyler and Claire.

    We went through a serious illness with our 16 year old son seven years ago. It was diagnosed quickly but there was no proven medical protocol. Looking back, we experienced God's faithfulness every step of the way.

    We are praying for God's grace and mercy to you and your family on a daily basis.

    Marlene Pritchard

  4. To one of my Favorite Mother-Daughter teams!!!!
    You two are beautiful as always and it is so fun to see you together! I remember taking my Mom to her 1st pedicure on Mothers Day 10 years ago when we lived by her in Portland.
    I Love you both Dearly!!
    We are praying fervently!!!