Friday, May 21, 2010

A Whole New Day

When I walked into Dave's room this afternoon, I could see it was a new day.

There he was, sitting in his chair reading a book...about Wall Street! Had to snap a photo...couldn't pass that one up! (Side note...he said I could post the photo!)

While he did have another sleepless night, it wasn't due to pain, thankfully. He'd slept so much during the day to make up for the difficult night that sleep wouldn't come until 6 AM this morning, and then it was just for a few hours.

In all, he's probably had just 3-4 hours of sleep today. The nurse who came on duty this evening said it's important that he get sleep tonight so will give him something to help with that. Hopefully he will finally fall into a pleasant, restful slumber.

But...he was remarkably different in his spirits and his energy level today! His voice was stronger, he was able to walk a few more times around the nurse's station than yesterday, and he stayed awake the whole time I was there! That's progress!

His surgeon came in while I was there and said that he's doing as well as would be expected, and that if he continues this way they will look at releasing him on Tuesday. That would be wonderful!!

I stayed with him until 7 this evening as all three kids are on a BMA (their high school) outreach retreat this week-end. Claire has two friends from her class that she invited so they can hear the Gospel more clearly, and one of Caleb's closest friends is there too. So we're praying for a fruitful week-end for them.

My long time, 30+ year best friend from Oregon, is on a plane right now and will land tomorrow to spend two weeks with us. With Dave hopefully coming home soon and her arrival, we have some precious days at home to look forward to!

I know I say this all the time, but thank you for praying us through these days!! If you could have seen him on Tuesday, you just would not believe that he looked so good on Friday!

The Lord has heard all of our prayers for Dave, and has been pleased to answer them for him. It's not that way all the time, I realize - sometimes there are other things the Lord wants to accomplish than a merciful, swift healing. But God's mercy and grace have surrounded Dave in these past days and we are grateful for His healing hand.

Bless you all for the part you have played in God's work this week!

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