Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Be Expected

It was a painful and not so pleasant day for Dave today.

Wow - hard to see him suffering that way. But the surgeon assured me this is normal and to be expected the day after heart surgery.

I was able to be with Dave all afternoon, mostly just sitting quietly while he slept fitfully.

When I spoke with the surgeon he said that Dave's first 24 hours passed with no complications and as well as they hoped - I was so grateful to hear that.

But, it was emotional for me to see him so weak. I've just never ever seen Dave like that. We've always weathered the kids' sicknesses together, as well as so many other storms of life.

Now he is on the stormy side, and it's my turn to stand firm for and with him. So thankful I had the Lord with me today...I needed HIM.

My dad told me that the first three days after heart surgery are the toughest...he knows as he's been through this too. But nothing quite prepares you for the sight of your loved one laying there in pain and discomfort. That was hard to see.

I will return to be with him again tomorrow, and continue praying for his recovery in these days

As I'm home tonight, I feel confident that he's being well cared for at the hospital and still know the Lord's supernatural peace through all of this. Grateful for that too.

I do have one bright spot to share! Renata, the believing nurse that was with him in the OR yesterday, shared this:

The anesthesiologist, who has done over 2500 procedures over a long career, said in the OR, "This is the smoothest surgery I've ever been through. It must have been because he's so tall."

"What???", Renata thought to herself. "It's not for that reason at all!"

She said at that point she just couldn't let him leave thinking that was the reason so blurted out, "It's not because he's so tall, but because a LOT of people are praying for you, for us, and for him from all over the world!"

Way to go Renata! Giving testimony to God's power through prayer!!!

Keep praying!!!


  1. Awww..poor Dad!! Weird though to see a picture of HIM laying on the hospital bed, when its usually me or Caleb! I know this is hard for you, but youre doing great Mom!! <3

  2. Connie, I am so proud of you for standing beside Dave as you are. Standing in faith, even though it is painful, for both of you in different ways. May the Lord continue to strengthen you, as the one who often gives you strength and encouragement, needs that from you. What a great gift to know the surgery went so well, and that Renata was a great testimony. If a believer had not been there the doctors maybe never would have known who was directing their every move!