Thursday, May 13, 2010

While Waiting

Waiting for Dave's heart surgery reminds me a little bit of waiting to have a baby. I have this burst of energy and feel a desire to get things done before we head into the unknown. It's kind of nice to have an impetus to get some things done!

I have a friend who truly is waiting to have a baby. Two friends and I gathered with her last night to pray for the birth of her daughter, which could literally happen any day now.

It was an absolutely sacred moment as we surrounded her with love and lifted her up to the Lord in anticipation of this birth.

This is my friend who trusted Christ last year right here in my office, where I'm writing this blog post from. It was pure delight to listen to her pray last night and express her love for and trust in her Savior. I just know He was so pleased with her as He listened to her heartfelt expressions of love!

Pray for Ingrid as you read this - that the Lord would be pleased to give her an uncomplicated, sweet birth experience, and that His presence would permeate the room and her heart and soul when the time comes.

She has lost her mother, her father and her brother so has no living relative close to her for this time. She needs and deeply desires the presence of her Savior and heavenly Father as she gives birth to her daughter any day now.

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