Saturday, May 22, 2010

Making Progress

Just a quick post tonight as there is, thankfully, not much news to share!

Dave got everything removed today...ports, tubes, and wires. He said he felt like a free man! Walking was easier today, and we even went outside for a few minutes to walk, as well as sat in the cafe to drink some mineral to one of his fellow heart surgery patients, drinking his beer! Do they sell beer at hospital cafes in the States??

He is more tired today, as the doctor had predicted. But said he feels like it's because his body is not on such high alert and is just letting down after going through such trauma. He hopes to sleep well again six hours of sleep last night, thankfully!

The kids will get to visit him tomorrow as they'll be back from their retreat. Will be the first time they've seen him since surgery. He's looking forward to their visit!

My friend, Michelle, made it in safely today - it's great to have her here!

All for very thankful to have this good news to post!!

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  1. So thankful for all God's loving hand has brought to you this week Connie. Enjoy your sweet visit with Michelle.