Friday, February 4, 2011

Leaving for Home

This is what I am leaving at my parents this morning as I head back to Czech!

You really can't see the amount of things that are packed in here...and this is nothing to say of the things that have to picked up (furniture, etc) and other things that are still to be bought next week when our friend, Petr, comes from Czech to finish up this process and pack the 40 ft container. The Lord has provided SO much on this trip for the cabins at Malenovice. I'm excited to see how it all fits together on the other side!

I leave for the airport in just a few minutes, but wanted to get something on my blog before I leave to say thank you for any of you who have prayed for me during this time. It's been an extraordinary trip in so many ways and I'm very thankful for all the Lord has provided...not to mention the very sweet time I've had with my parents...who definitely get the award for patience, perseverance and love for their daughter as they have endured this marathon shopping trip with me!

Dave and I are crossing in the air today...I fly to Seattle, Frankfurt and Prague...he's on a plane from Krakow to Munich to Chicago right now. So we'll be apart for two more weeks...very sad face about that.

But the Lord has had a good plan for these weeks that I've been gone and it's been a joy to be in the center of his will!

See you on the other side!!

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