Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two Year Old Theology

There's nothing like a two year old to set you straight.

I've been seeing a lot of Cece lately, the 2 1/2 year old sister of the twins that were born to one of our JV families recently.

Today while I was over helping her mom feed the boys, we were having a conversation with her.

Mom: "Cece, would you like to draw a picture of our family?"

Cece: "Yeah!"

Me: "Whose in your family?," assuming she would name off the boys, mommy, daddy and Chloe, the dog.

Cece: "Jesus".

Aleisha and I just looked at each other, hardly knowing what to say! Then one of us said, "Well, yes...that would be that right Cece!!"

End of theology lesson!

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  1. Hahahaha...that's awesome. Great theology lesson for us all! :)