Sunday, June 19, 2011

From Eugene, Oregon

Too much fun...

Too little time...

Too slow of internet! It has taken me DAYS to get these pictures loaded...and even then, I can't seem to upload everything I want.

After a 26 hour trip from Czech, we arrived in Eugene, Oregon to see my parents late last Wednesday night.

Since then it's been a whirlwind of fun, conversation, delight and of!

My dad has been so patient, driving us around. He's such a great dad!

Claire has been intrigued by the fruits and vegetable sections in the grocery stores...we've enjoyed so many good tastes while being here!

And of course we've had a lot of laughs! Claire and I bought straw hats at a thrift store for costumes that we need at home. We came back to the car after looking around the Eugene rose garden and found my dad and Caleb like this. Funny guys!

We're headed out today to our Patty family reunion over in Eastern Oregon.

The great thing about today is that we get to see all our dads! My dad will drive us over there, we'll meet up with Dave who just flew in from JV board meetings in Chicago, and later this evening we'll see his dad!

Seeing all three dads in one day is amazing...seeing all three dads on father's day is absolutely incredible!

I have no idea about internet connection where we'll be staying...and most likely it will be the same story as it's been this past week...

Too much fun...

Too little time...

And quite possibly...too little internet!

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  1. so glad you are having fun and enjoying being with your parents. loved the pictures they were worth the time spent putting them on. I always love your posts. thanks for sharing. And I think your dad and Caleb looked great in the hats each one fitting their personality. : )