Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Den Dětí

I was sitting in the chair at my hair salon just across the border in Poland this morning when all of a sudden I heard a commotion outside.

Police cars were slowly driving down the street with their lights blinking, the smell of fireworks was in the air, and the sound of a crowd was in the distance.

All of us in the salon couldn't resist looking out the window to see what was going on. Covered in my cape, with my hair dripping wet, we stood at the window watching.

It was the festivities of "Den Dětí"! I'd forgotten that on June 1st International Children's Day is celebrated here! Hundreds of children passed by us, dressed in costumes, on their way to the town square for an afternoon of celebration.

A few hours later when I was finished, I wandered into town to see what was happening.

Such fun for the kids!

I remember one time when I was in elementary school, a friend of mine asked her mom why there was no "Children's Day" like there is for mothers and fathers. Her reply was, "Every day is children's day"!

That may be true, but there is an official Children's Day here!

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