Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Afternoon Baking

True statement: Claire is an excellent baker!

Ever since we went gluten free in our house three years ago, she has been perfecting her skills as a baker. And let me tell you...she whips up some really fabulous things around here

She came home from school today and as her relaxing activity before she studied for a test tomorrow, she decided to make some of her really yummy chocolate cookies.

This fascinates me because while I don't mind cooking and baking, it's NOT what I do to relax!

But Claire loves nothing more than to put on her apron (Kaylie getting in on the action too!)...

Get out all the ingredients...

 And put together something yummy for an afternoon snack!

Along the way, she's found all kinds of ways to sweeten things so we watch sugars (something that's still a good idea for all our sensitive digestive systems!) she was using agave syrup.

 Of course taste testing along the way is a must!

 She's so cute when she's baking! :)

Since we can't buy chocolate chips here, she chops up her own chips from the Czech brand, Orion, baking chocolate (which I know she now prefers!)

Then rolls the dough into pretty little balls...

Puts them in the oven...

And fifteen minutes later, out come some fabulous cookies, whipped up in about a half hour! She's good!

And this mom is happy with the results!

She's got a lot of different recipes (and good thoughts and fun photography!) on her blog if you want to head over there and check it out! Click HERE!


  1. This is such a cute post! :) Loved seeing her in action of doing something she loves. Also, LOVE the apron!

  2. I'm so glad to see Claire wearing an apron! You know that I live in my apron when I'm the kitchen. I see so many cute ones at the stores & my friend Jen (who did the JVK yearbooks) sewed me a cute one as a present...but still I don't know anyone else who wears one - until today! Go Claire with your baking skills and your kitchen style

    Andrea Pitcher

  3. how fun to have her relax and you received the prize. Good going Claire
    looks like you will be a keeper for some strapping young man one day.

    Cookies look great.

  4. That's still my favorite apron! Glad you captured a "normal day" kind of thing!