Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dave's Surprise

When Dave went to his JV Council meeting (this is the group of leaders from our 11 countries where JV has ministry) last Saturday evening, little did he know it would be hijacked for a surprise 50th birthday party!

 I only have an Instagram picture, thanks to Nate Hughes, showing the beginning of the festivities!

They let Dave do his Bible study time first (with him thinking that he's going to move on with his very full agenda after that!), before Mel interrupted him and and gave the signal, which brought out all the party hats...can't you picture it? 40 hats coming out from behind the chairs, where Dave never saw them?! Dave was COMPLETELY surprised!

The celebration went on from there as each country gave creative, funny, and meaningful gifts and words of blessing to Dave.

I already posted one of the gifts yesterday, that awesome caricature! But take a look at what else Dave's guys brought for him...everything in this picture except the yellow flowers and the lamp, came from the JV council!

Thanks JV council, for showering Dave with all those awesome gifts, and giving him a birthday he will never forget!

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