Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wild and Wacky, Take 2

A few weeks ago I posted this picture of Dave and I.

It was taken on Wild and Wacky night at our JV Kid's camp in Croatia. There is no particular meaning to our you can see, they don't exactly match. However, in the spirit of Wild and Wacky, they worked. It makes me giggle every time I look at it, everything from the looks on our faces, to the flip flops on our feet!

Fast forward to JV Council last week-end, before our fall conference started. Little did Dave know that on Saturday night, his council would "hijack" the meeting and have a surprise birthday party for him on their first night together.

Every country brought gifts and words to Dave, all of them so very meaningful. He said it's the best birthday he's ever had.

While all the gifts meant the world to Dave, this one definitely gets some award for creativity! Jay Hughes, our country leader from the Ukraine, saw our picture from kid's camp on FB and decided to capture it in a different light.

What do you think?!!!

This makes me giggle even more!!

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