Saturday, September 3, 2011

Celebrating 50!

While we were on vacation in Croatia, I celebrated my 50th birthday!

It was a very happy occasion - one I've been looking forward to, actually! The thing is, I don't feel 50, but I like the thought that I AM 50...if that makes any sense at all!

I was thinking back to where I've spent each decade's birthday. Wish I had photos from each one!

My 10th birthday was spent in Coburg, Oregon.

My 20th birthday - Vancouver, Washington.

My 30th birthday, I was in St. Leon, Germany.

I managed to find a photo from my 40th birthday, spent here in the Czech Republic...and more specifically in the picture, in Stramberk, not far from where we live...and one of Tyler's all time favorite little towns! :)

And my 50th was spent in Hvar, Croatia!

It brings me joy at how much variety the Lord has given me in my life. I've loved celebrating in so many different places, all with great memories attached!

Wonder where I'll spend my 60th?!


  1. So 50 is terrific? I will try very hard to psych myself up about turning 50 next year. So far I'm not looking forward to it!!!! It OLD! But you look great for 50!

  2. One more thing...I definitely will not be wearing a tiara on my 50th...but it works for you!!!

  3. You do look fantastic Connie! I'm amazed that you remember where you were for each decade. That would be so neat to have a picture for each one.