Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JV Fall Leadership Conference

In the midst of all the happiness of Tyler and Lara getting engaged, we are also in the midst of our fall JV conference this week!

This is our annual leadership conference, focused on training our missionaries and national partners. Every year is focused on a different aspect of reaching the youth of Central and Eastern Europe with the Gospel.

This year's theme is "Walk This Way" - disciple-making in the steps of Jesus.

In order to be most effective in equipping our JV staff, they are broken into three different tracks this year, focusing on different aspects of disciple-making.

While Dann Spader (founder of Sonlife) is teaching one track, and Josh Patty another, Dave is teaching a new course that he wrote this summer called "Shift 1/9". Its focus is on moving from being a believer, to being a disciple who makes disciples, using the passage in Matthew 4:19 as the foundation: "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men".

I only have this one shot of Dave teaching but at least it gives you a little picture of what it looks like up at Malenovice this week! Dave has his track divided up into small groups, so you can see a few of those there. I think he's got about 80 or so people but my little iPad camera doesn't take that wide of a shot...or very good quality! :)

I know it's hard to grasp from just a picture or even words, but this small sample of people from eleven different countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe (there are over two hundred in all at the conference), are standing on the front lines of ministry, having impact in the lives of thousands of young people!

Please pray as you read this, that God will equip, instruct, encourage and mold them this week for His work in their countries!

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