Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy at Gull Lake

What a privilege to spend this week at Gull Lake Ministries for family camp!!

Dave is teaching the adults this week, as well as being the missionary - so he gets to do two of his most favorite things in he world: teach the Word and tell about what God is doing through Josiah Venture!

Claire and I are a part of the sessions as well, and have shared some about JV from our perspective too.

We so enjoy all the people who are here! Some we've known for many years, some we've known for the past four years because of two other blessed weeks we've spent here. And some are new friends that we are just getting to know. Mostly it feels like a family reunion, being with people you love.

One fun people moment was having the parents of JV missionaries, Matt and Amy Hartman, show up at Dave's
morning teaching on Monday! What a surprise that was!

It's also been a joy to see Caleb this week. He is serving on summer staff at Gull Lake, leading worship and doing a whole variety of other jobs (he served me coffee at lunch this afternoon...pretty cool!).

When we leave on Friday we will say goodbye to him as he will go directly from here to Moody in August to begin college. Next time we see him will be this fall when we return for a mission's weekend at our home church in the Chicago area.

Our internet access is limited here this week so I probably won't get to post again for a while. But at least wanted to get something posted about this week, as well as share a few photos.

One last side note for those who have been praying for me: I continue to gain strength and energy after my recent illness. This is a good place to do that! I am definitely feeling better each day. Thank you for praying these past few weeks.

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