Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Girl

Since this is Claire's senior year of high school, we've been taking photos to capture her during this year.

Thursday was a gorgeous, sunny day - perfect picture taking weather. Here's our winter photos of her!


You might not be able to see the humorous sight in this photo so...

Here it is cropped!

There are few dull moments with this little doggy - she continually makes us laugh! This one makes me laugh too!

I wish I could think of what Kaylee is about to say in this would be something that is especially delightful to Claire since she's got such a happy look on her face!

When Claire was a baby the ladies at our church here called her "sluničko" - and she's still our sunshine!

 Happily soaking in a beautiful day!

Who doesn't love a romp in a snowy field?

Heading for home, down our lane.

I love you Claire!!

** I wrote this yesterday and set it to publish today. In light of the tragedy that happened in the US yesterday, my heart is broken for those families whose children were senselessly taken from them. I am all the more aware of, and thankful for, one more day to love on my girl. You don't know how many more days you, or your kids, have so please...hug your kids one more time, say "I love you", and pray for those families who don't get that chance.

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