Monday, December 3, 2012

In Our Yard

Years ago, in the first days of owning the piece of land our house is on, the kids ran the perimeter counting all the "Christmas trees" that the previous owner had planted.

If I remember right, there were 103 potentials. We laughed about how we'd never have to buy one, but instead would have a Christmas tree from our yard "forever" (if they never grew up, that is).

It didn't quite play out like that.

But almost! This is our ninth Christmas in this house, and the seventh time we've been able to cut down a tree from our yard. Last year we found a free one alongside the road, and a few years back we had to break down and buy one.

But after a walk in the yard on Saturday, Dave spotted one more "potential"...

...way up high! He'd have to climb up and cut the top of one of those "not so little anymore" Christmas trees that the previous owner planted.

 Dave likes his chainsaw. He likes his ladder. And he likes a challenge! :) So up he went on his ladder.

 And cut down a "tree" for us!

It looks like Claire's out there helping her dad in the boys' absence. But in reality...she's taking most of these photos! I just stepped out for a minute to snap this one of the two of them!

Off the tree goes to get a trimming since it needed a little help to make it worthy of the living room!

And there you have it...yet another Christmas tree from our yard!

Thankful for the thoughtfulness of the previous owner who gave our kids their dream yet another year! :)


  1. those top few branches absolutely look like hands raised in praise. lovely tree :)

  2. A man, with his chainsaw...doesn't get any better than that. Unless, of course, you have to climb an unsteady ladder to use the saw! Oh yeah...Manly!

    Nice Christmas tree too!