Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We're getting buried in snow right now!

It snowed all day today...look at that accumulation!

It's a winter wonderland if I ever saw one.

The first big snow is always so thrilling...

And fun to take walks in!

And there's some shoveling to do...where are my boys when I need them? (Tyler and Caleb are at college in the US, Dave was in Prague today) It was just me and the blue shovel, keeping things clear.

After multiple times of shoveling, this mama took her girl to the next little town over for some relaxation at the wellness center tonight. Couldn't have been prettier, or more relaxing!

Our internet has been off for days so now that it's back on, I'm also a bit buried in getting back to work on things that require the internet.

I prefer being buried in snow!

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