Saturday, September 27, 2014

Grandmas Together

No, this isn't an announcement that any of my kids are having babies!

This is about being spiritual grandmas to this dear young man.

Tomas trusted Christ while on a trip to Ukraine with Caleb when they were students at BMA (the school our kids attended here in Frydlant). He was impacted and influenced in his new faith during the rest of his years at BMA by Noah and Caleb, Amy's and my son.

Patty, on the right, is a long time friend of mine from California whose husband serves on the JV board. How does she fit into this picture?

This summer her son led a JV intern team here in Czech, and Tomas spent the summer with him on his team. Her son, Jonny, has had great spiritual impact on him as well!

Today, Tomas has an infectious love for Jesus that permeates his life in every aspect. He has a great heart for the Lord, and desires to be used by Him for His glory. He's a joy to be with!

So what are we all doing together?

Tomas came down from Denmark where he is studying in his first year of college to be at our JV conference this week! Of course Amy and I were there, but Patty is as well because all the board members and their wives are here for the 20th anniversary celebration!

When I realized that all three of us had sons who were part of Tomas' spiritual growth, I wanted to get a picture of us with him since our sons' discipleship and involvement in his life makes us spiritual grandmas to him!

"We love you Tomas and pray for the presence of Jesus to continue to radiate out from you even more than it already does! Love MamaPatty"

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