Sunday, September 28, 2014

JV Board Members and the Wives!

It's been our privilege to have the JV board members and their wives here with us for fall conference this past week.

They wisely give direction, oversight and leadership to Josiah Venture.

But more importantly, they pray for and love our missionaries in a multitude of ways. We are deeply thankful for all of them!

While the men had their board meeting at H20 in Poland, the wives took a bus ride to Krakow for lunch and a little sightseeing yesterday afternoon.

And when I say a little, I really mean it!

The bus driver took the wrong road there and what should've been an hour and a half trip turned out to be 3 hours. We had just enough time for lunch and a quick 10 minute stop in a Polish pottery store before getting back on the bus.

Oh well! We loved spending time with each other for the day, even if most of it was spent on a bus!

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  1. The bus! Glad you at least got to be there for that little bit of time...and most importantly, be together! :)