Monday, September 22, 2014

ReJesus 2014: JV Fall Conference 2014

Literally hundreds of JV staff gathered at Malenovice today to begin our fall conference.

It's like a big family reunion to see everyone you know, and be introduced to new family members...who come from thirteen different countries!

The bell made it into place just in time to welcome everyone down at the village.

Last minute work was going on in the tent to get things ready for the evening program.

I told these guys that they're the heroes of the conference. They've got all the technical things to care about, and let me just say...there are a lot of those details to deal with! Way to go guys!!

They make it possible for the rest of us to greet and enjoy the first conversations of the conference.

Of course we had a little "weather" this afternoon. Nothing like a good storm!

This white stuff: that's hail!
But all was clear as we headed into the tent to get started!

With Mart, our Estonian country leader, as MC, we got "ReJesus" off to a great start!

It's hard to get a full picture of what it's like in the tent with 282 people...but for sure I can say it's super exciting and full of anticipation for what's ahead.

A band from Latvia led us in such meaningful worship tonight. Since English is the common language for all of the thirteen countries represented, that's the language we sing in.

And finally, my brother-in-law Josh, who serves in Slovenia, got us started with the first session. He asked the question, "Why Re-Jesus? Why are we going back to Jesus?"

He gave such a compelling talk on it! When we get all the talks uploaded, I'll give you links if you want to listen.

We're also working our social media for this conference so if you want to follow us and get live updates you can find JV on Instagram, Twitter and the JV blog! There were some great Twitters tonight with quotes from his talk if you want to take a look!

Oh what a good week is ahead of us!

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