Monday, September 29, 2014

Your Smile for the Day

In just a couple of days our son, Caleb, and daughter-in-law, Haley, will celebrate four months of being happily married.

Thanks for the photo Claire!

On one hand it feels like we were just in Colorado preparing for their very special day. And on the other hand, it feels like they've been married for years.

In fact, it's been so long that I'd completely forgotten about one last detail from their wedding celebration that was yet to come.

It arrived on my Facebook page this morning.

And totally delighted me!

Caleb's Bachelor Party - A Sky Full of Stars from Jacob Hash on Vimeo.

Caleb's friend from childhood, Jacob Hash (who grew up as a JV kid in Poland and whose parents started JV with us), produced this incredibly happy, fun, memorable, "make you smile" music video with all his groomsmen and ushers during Caleb's bachelor party and on the day of his wedding.

What a joy to see finally it this morning! I couldn't stop smiling as I watched it.

For years Caleb and his friends, Jacob and Noah, made music videos that made us laugh and enjoy the fun they shared together. Oh how we loved watching those boys have a great time making those videos!

But this one touched me in a completely different way.

I am so grateful for the kinds of friends (and brother!) that Caleb has, and for the wife that inspired this video. What a treasure he has in all of those people.

Hope it makes you smile too!

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  1. When i first watched it yesterday I definitely had the biggest smile on my face the whole time. So good!