Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day for the iTeam

Seven years ago we created something called the "Bteam" within Josiah Venture. Its purpose was, and is, to serve the JV family by providing access to care, support and resources.

When we started, there were only four of us on the field, and three in the States. But we dreamed of a day when there would be more as our JV family grew in size.

Today's first meeting of the fall started out like any other meeting we've had over the past seven years: in the Word.

Dave led us through a passage in Second Corinthians this morning, talking about what we have to look forward to this year: living in triumph and God's victory, and at the same time living as cracked pots which will be afflicted, hard pressed and struck down. But that is for the purpose of showing the light of Christ and displaying HIS glory to those around us!

What a lively discussion we had interacting with the passage and soaking in this truth for ourselves.

We then broke up into pairs or groups of three to share what God is speaking to us about the year ahead, and what His perspective is on that for each of us personally.

And then, as we often do in our meetings, we prayed for each other.

Remember how I said there were just four of us in the meetings here in Czech seven years ago?

There were twenty one of us in the office today in Frydlant!

Our care team has quadruped in size, as well as gained members in the States too. There is now a total of 28 serving on this team.

And we have a new name: the iTeam

The Bteam still exists, but now so does the Eteam (executive), the Steam (specialities) and the Cteam (communications)!

So when we're all meeting we're calling ourselves the iTeam - the international team that serves the JV family.

It is such an encouragement to see God raising up new staff to serve on the JV team (we just passed 300 this week!), and to see how He has raised up such an incredible group of high quality people to serve the movement.

I'm excited about the year ahead serving alongside these amazing friends!

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  1. Great morning together! Thankful for you and Dave.