Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Being a Private Investigator (for a minute)

After lunch in Poland with a friend today, I stopped for gas back in Czech, about a half hour from where we live.

Two cars were in front of me so I just sat patiently waiting to pull forward, thinking about the rest of my day.

All of a sudden a car pulled up on the other side. The young man got out, walked around the back of his car to grab the hose and start pumping when something caught my eye.

I promise I don't always have my phone in my hand to take pictures! In fact it was deep in my purse and I had to fumble around to find it quickly.

Then I waited to confirm what I saw.

I felt like a private invesigator, sitting there clicking photos hoping I'd get a good one to confirm my suspicion (hoping no one was watching me!).

The young man finally came out of the store and I could see it for sure: he was wearing a JV camp t-shirt!!! 

And in fact, it had the Fusion logo on the back (that's what I'd noticed earlier) so I know for sure he was at some Fusion camp (our JV music ministry). 

(Well, unless he got the shirt from a used clothing store and didn't know what it meant! Ha!)

But assuming he's been to camp, this was so cool to me!

One of our prayers for years has been that the influence of Christ would sweep our country and transform society. Seeing a young man in a normal setting, on a normal day, doing a normal activity while wearing his camp t-shirt just made me smile and praise the Lord for His work in the lives of people here.

I wonder if anyone will recognize him and confirm that he's really been to camp?!

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