Saturday, September 6, 2014

Luki and Magda: Wedding in Třinec

This has been the summer of weddings! What joy to celebrate with dear ones we love and care about.

Today's joyous celebration took place in the city of Třinec, about a half hour from where we live.

And who is the bride, hiding in the back of the cool old car before it's time to walk down the aisle?!

Magda, a dear friend and classmate of Claire's from BMA! They spent four years of high school together, many happy hours sharing life with each other there.

Today she stood at the back of the beautiful Lutheran church, on her dad's arm, waiting to walk the aisle and meet her groom, the first of Claire's friends to do so!

As the "Wedding Processional" played from the balcony, the sound of the mighty organ filled the church while Magda and her dad took a long, beautiful walk towards the front. She was truly a glowing bride!

Is there anything more beautiful than watching a bride make her way toward her groom? I think not!

I had tears in my eyes as Magda passed by, headed towards Luki, her expectant groom at the altar.

Oh how tender their ceremony was! Filled with a meaningful message from their pastor, beautiful music, and sweet tears that Luki brushed from Magda's cheeks as emotion flowed. You just knew that God had done a beautiful work in bringing them together, and that they were meant for each other as husband and wife.

The ceremony was conducted in two languages: Czech and Polish. I don't understand Polish, but I loved that both languages were spoken in their wedding ceremony since that's a part of who they are.

Another sweet aspect of the ceremony was their youth group who came to the front and sang at the end, sending them into their new life together with the blessing of the Lord.

And oh what a tender first kiss as husband and wife!

The ceremony was being streamed live by someone in the balcony - a gift to their friends who couldn't be there that day.

After the ceremony, Amy (whose daughter Hayley is also a very dear friend of Magda) and I got in line to greet the newly married couple. I could feel the vibration of the phone in my purse and was thinking, "Who would be calling at this time?"

Finally, after the third time it vibrated, I thought, "I'd better to check to see who it is." Good thing I did!

Just minutes before we reached Luki and Magda, both Amy and I had our girls, Claire and Hayley, on FaceTime so they could give their wishes! They'd gotten up at 5 AM in Chicago, where both girls live, to watch the wedding. They could see Amy and I on the live stream and were hoping we'd pick up our phones in time for them to say hello!

I'd happened to hand my camera to a friend in front of us who thoughtfully took that photo at just the moment when we turned our phones around to show Magda her friends who love her so much and had "come" to her wedding after all!! Her response was priceless, and I think we all had a few tears in our eyes as they greeted each other.

I don't know if Timo will ever see my blog, but I'm forever grateful for his quick thinking to snap that photo!

What a joy to be there to celebrate this dear couple as they begin their married life together.

"Magda and Luki, may God RICHLY bless your lives together as husband and wife!"


  1. Oh man!!! This makes me so happy-sad. Happy because Magda is married and she was such a beautiful bride. Sad because I wish I could've given her the biggest hug. Thank you for being there and capturing this for us! That means a lot!

  2. Connie...that picture of Hayley and Claire on the other end of the phone with you and Amy holding your phones is absolutely priceless! And seeing their friend holding her mouth while gasping with surprise is so adorable. That would be the cutest wedding present ever to frame that picture! It really does say it all. I love that the Spirit nudged you to answer your phone. And yes, this has been the summer of weddings! :o)

  3. Thank you for sharing. So sad I couldnt see it or be there. But your blog made it seem like I was there. Thank you again!