Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Celebrating my Dave

On a day that looked ominous, but was in reality 80 degrees, someone had a happy birthday!

His day started off by reading really precious, personal letters from his kids (see them peeking out over the top of his head?!).

And ended with dinner up in the mountains, about fifteen minutes from where we live.

By then the sky had returned to its beautiful fall hue, and Lysa Hora from another vantage point looked beautiful as ever.

How I love, appreciate, value, respect, enjoy, honor and celebrate my dear husband on this day, his birthday!!!

"Dave, you are such a good man, wonderful husband, awesome father, loyal friend, loving brother, effective leader and committed follower of Jesus. I enjoy every day of life with you, and as the years pass, it keeps getting better and better! SO thankful I get to walk through all of life with you! Happy Birthday and I love you so much!"

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