Thursday, September 17, 2015

Groceries with Claire

No, Claire is not here in the Czech Republic. She's at school in Chicago. But she went grocery shopping with me today!

Sometimes when I'm out I see things, such as these fresh figs, that remind me of her so take a picture.

She's not always available to write back and that's fine! I just know that at some point in her day she'll get it and smile because I was thinking of her.

Today though, she happened to be free when I sent the picture of the figs, taken at one of my grocery stores. And thus started our shopping trip "together" this afternoon.

"They have the most random things at Lidl," I wrote after encountering kinesiology tape there.

And you never know when you might need a cake pop maker! Or a vinegar and oil sprayer! To which she replied, "So random!"

"And then there are these," I wrote back. Truly, you never know what you might find at Lidl!

Speaking of what you never know might show up in the store, I sneakily took and sent the next picture.

To which she replied, "As Grandma would say, 'Oh dear'"!!! I wrote back, "This conversation is making me laugh as I walk around!!"

"Lidl is more adventurous and surprising than other stores," she wrote. "Aldi [in the States] is slightly similar but not as good. Their produce and meats aren't quite as interesting as Lidl."

This sent me on a search through the store for 'interesting' meat!

Pate in a jar or package anyone? How about meatloaf in plastic wrap? Or cottage pork? It's all interesting meat for sure!

I went on to find some nice sorbet.

And individually packaged slices of a famous cake here in Czech. I thought that was pretty clever since it's hard to eat a whole cake before it dries out.

As I stood in the checkout line I typed, "Thanks for chatting and shopping with me!" And she replied, "Wish I could've actually shopped with you!"

She and I used to grocery shop every day after school, for years. So it's a hobby of sorts, and an enjoyment for both of us.

One of her final messages: "I'm sooooo glad you taught me how to grocery shop. It's a lifesaver!"

"You're welcome Claire! I always enjoyed it while you lived here, am glad we occasionally shop by long distance messaging, and am happy you are a good shopper in the USA!"


  1. Aw. This made me smile! And I love that you captured a part of life in Czech that is often not seen! :) I miss Lidl...and you!

  2. LOVE IT!!!! I find myself doing similar things from Germany to Bangladesh with Emily! I'm so thankful for the ease of communication these days! It makes the lack of physical hugs a bit easier to bear!