Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Here and There

After a precious time doing Bible study with a friend this morning, I hopped over the border to Poland for lunch with two other friends today.

Treasured moments, for sure.

In just a week I'll be gone to the States for nearly six weeks, traveling with Dave across the States for a variety of meetings, church services, time with friends, family and with our kids.

As well as the birth of our first grandchild! Hooray!!!

Oh how good life is, on this side of the ocean at home in Czech, as well as on the other side in the US where many beloved ones live.

On my heart today: appreciating all the dear ones He's put in my path, and that I get to enjoy them both here and there. I feel so rich and full in relationships.

"Thank you Lord for your kindness in surrounding me, no matter where I am, with people I love."

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