Monday, September 21, 2015

Unstuck 2015: JV Fall Conference Begins

What does it take to get unstuck in...personal matters, ministry situations or just life in general?

That's what we're about to uncover as we head into our annual JV fall conference!

This afternoon our support team welcomed 326 participants to Malenovice - the most we've ever had at a conference!

We'll spend the week together looking into God's word, meeting in large and small groups, attending seminars, having personal mentoring sessions, talking within our country teams, and getting lots of time for personal interaction with each other as we work on the question of "How to get unstuck".

While morning sessions will be held at Malenovice, our evening programs will be somewhere different.

The tent we bought last year is barely big enough to hold us all, and we've got a problem with the neighbors because we make so much noise! Hoping not to annoy them, we'll meet there during the day when we expect they're all at work and won't be bothered by us.

But in the evenings we'll head down into Frydlant, to our cultural house, where we can make as much noise as we want!

Because when you get a bunch of youth workers together, it's hard to stay quiet!

Tonight, with no pressure to keep the noise level down, we had such a good time being unrestrained in worship, led by a band from Latvia.

And we've actually got space to move around, though we even fill up quite a bit of room in this place too! What a blessed problem to have.

Rob Trenckmann started us off tonight with an excellent message from Matthew, talking about the life of Peter and how he too was stuck and unstuck in his life and faith. If I get a link to his message, I'll put it in here. It's worth a listen!

The tagline to our theme of "Unstuck" is "Keeping the move in movement" - because we all know that a movement doesn't happen when people are "stuck". So we're hoping this week as we learn from God's word and each other, that we ourselves will get unstuck, and in turn be able to help those in our ministries get unstuck and move into paths of freedom for impacting people with the Gospel.

May God's movement in Central and Eastern Europe be hindered by nothing, and have greater freedom to impact the lives of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands throughout this region of the world.


  1. Yay! Photos! Can't believe how full the Kulturni Dum looks just with JV people! That's amazing. To think that 20 years ago, "conference" could have happened in our house! The Lord's work is incredible. :)

  2. Love seeing all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! =)

  3. Great to see the photos. So excited for everyone! Will be praying for unsticking & for the Spirit to be on the move!