Thursday, October 1, 2015

Up at Selah

On the side of Ondřejník, a mountain facing Malenovice and Lysa Hora in the Beskydy range, sits a very special place for JV missionaries.

Called Selah, this is our retreat facility for all JV staff, used exclusively for rest, renewal and refreshment.

Our staff come here alone for personal retreats, with their children for family time, or with a few teammates for in depth times of prayer and accountability with each other.

Sitting out in the rockers on the porch, drinking coffee and soaking in the view helps to clear their minds, souls and bodies in order to make them more effective at what they do.

While the lodge was finished and available for use a number of years ago, the outside landscaping has taken longer to finish. It's a big job!

But this week it got a major boost by a team who came from Three Lakes, Wisconsin. They have done SO much work to clear our brush, bushes, bramble and such!

We've never seen the ground in most places surrounding Selah. It's been full of nearly 20 feet high bushes and trees for years. But look at it now!

They've already burned two huge piles of brush, and there are at least another 10 piles to go!

They've even been able to do some replanting in spots.

Some of the cleared land will get landscaped, while other parts of it will become grassy areas. It will be a vast improvement when it's all done!

Over the years we've had countless hours of volunteer labor, both at Selah and Malenovice, done by teams from the US, Czech, Poland and other countries. We're so thankful for these teams who sacrifice time and resources to come and help us.

Their efforts this week at Selah make it possible for us to provide a beautiful retreat facility for our team so that they stay vibrant and healthy, both in spirit and body, and bring the Gospel more effectively to Central and Eastern Europe.

"Thank you Three Lakes team for your invaluable hard work this week!"

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