Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seeing Her Again

Before flying out from Oregon, God had one surprise in store for me on this unusual (as in, we're rarely here in the summer) July trip in the States.

I had a perfectly beautiful catch up with my best friend of 36 years, Michelle, who I was just with a few weeks ago in Croatia!

Michelle's role in my life has been many things over the years: discipler, mentor, friend, helper, counselor, adventurer, prayer warrior, gift giver, comforter, joy bringer and sister...and so much more. My life is deeply enriched by the goodness of her in my life.

And honestly, I'm not sure there is anyone in my life who makes me laugh harder!

I hope you, dear reader, have someone in YOUR life who makes you laugh this hard!

With a history of visiting local Oregon retailer, Fred Meyer, we just had to get in a quick trip there again this time. It resulted in some hilarity that was just the thing my heart needed in the midst of travels.

You're a blessing every time my dearest Michelle! So thankful I got to see you again!!

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  1. AHHH!!! Oh Connie...I had missed reading this until now. What a sweet post this is and you are a treasure to my heart.... LOVE YOU!!!!