Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Making the Investment

Summer wouldn't be summer without getting together with these two!

Laura and Amy...sisters in Christ, long time friends, vacation buddies, JV teammates. You can probably imagine that we never run out of things to talk to about since we have such a long history with each other!

We claimed a table at our normal gathering place, a restaurant we've been coming to for at least fifteen years. The same music plays (my favorite Italian artists!) and we eat pretty much the same things we've always eaten.

But oh how good the conversation is, never dull, full of all kinds of interesting things as we catch up on the past three months.

Though we don't live that far from each other, our lives are all so full that we have to work hard at making time to be together. It's always rich and meaningful when we do.

Friendships take time, effort and honesty. I'm so thankful for these two loyal ones and that the three of us continue to make that investment into our friendships!

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