Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tennessee Birthday

Birthdays were always a big deal when our three children were growing up. Parties weren't fancy, but oh how we would celebrate all day long!

These days, we have no kids at home for birthdays. But that doesn't mean I'm not celebrating. Today, it's our Tyler's 26th birthday so I'm cheering and rejoicing in my heart for the son who first made me a mom!

One of my favorite pics from Tyler on a day Judah wasn't feeling well. He's a good daddy!

His birth on this day was actually quite a surprise. He wasn't due for another month. So although I was in the hospital with some early labor pains, I didn't have one thought in my mind that he would be born that day. I thought they were going to discharge me.

When the German doctor came in (Tyler was born in Schwetzingen, Germany) and said there was a problem with the baby and that I'd be having a Caesarean immediately, I couldn't have been more shocked.

Thankfully, Tyler Joseph was born healthy only twenty five minutes later. And just like that, I was a mom. Of a baby born in July, not August!

Since I happen to be in the States today without access to my photo albums, I'm posting pictures of Tyler with HIS son!

I have particular memories of Judah's daddy when he was Judah's age. Hard to believe twenty six years have gone by since then. And now my baby is all grown up with a baby of his own!

Happy Birthday dear Tyler!!! I'm so proud of the man you have become - such a good husband, wonderful dad, dear brother, kind son, and great student of the Word...not to mention that you walk faithfully with God. You bring your dad and I such delight, and we delight in YOU!! Have a great birthday celebrating in Tennessee with your family!

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