Thursday, July 14, 2016

Judah and Great-Grandparents

I'm not in Chicago right now, but some very important people are!

I woke up to these photos from Tyler this morning, showing the first introduction of Judah with some of his great-grandparents!

My mom and dad are on an epic road trip from Oregon to the midwest, visiting their grandchildren, great-grandchild and a host of other relatives. How I love seeing them with Judah!

They made it there just in time, days before Tyler and Lara are due to make their move to Tennessee. They drive out of Chicago this coming Monday morning and say goodbye to their years in the midwest as they journey south, on their road to becoming Josiah Venture missionaries.

I am SO glad my parents get to be with all of them during these last few days before their move!


  1. Judah has a great smile. Cute little man!

  2. When I saw these pictures I thought, "these will be legendary in Judahs life!" He'll always have these.