Friday, July 29, 2016

Day of Nostalgia

Because Dave was able to travel with one of our JV board members for a portion of the event center fundraising trip that we're on right now, it opened up space for me to make a different trip.

A trip to my beloved Oregon.

To see my brother!

He blessed me by taking a day off work so that he and I could travel over to the Oregon coast and enjoy each other and some nostalgia from our childhoods.

Growing up in Eugene meant that Florence, Oregon was the closest place for us to get away to the beach. With our parents, we made that drive so very many times and have some of our fondest memories there, along with new ones that we've made through the years when I return for visits.

Need coffee in Florence? This is your place!

After an incredible lunch at Mo's, our family favorite my entire life, we headed out to the North Jetty to walk on the beach.

While it looks beautiful, it was actually crazy windy and cool in temperature, like it often is there! It's part of the charm of the Oregon coast.

But we found a driftwood fort that someone made long ago (somehow it's never washed away!) and sat in the protection of it for several hours while we talked and talked. What a glorious afternoon with my brother, Mike!!

Walking on the beach, hearing the roar of the waves and the seagulls overhead, is balm to my soul. As is time with my brother. We probably could've talked for many more hours down there.

But since we needed to get back to Eugene, we dragged ourselves away from the beach and headed for home.

As we were driving I asked my brother, "What's the best hamburger in Eugene?" To which he replied, "Well, I don't know if it's the best, but have you heard what opened back up again??"

Oh. My. Word!!! Bob's Hamburgers is open again!

Of all the places of my childhood, this place is THE iconic spot that I associate with growing up! My mom would bring my brother and I here every Monday night before she played volleyball. Or we'd stop in on our way home from grocery shopping. Or on our way back from the beach. Or after swimming lessons. Or school events.

It was OUR go-to. And we all loved it, including Bob's secret sauce!

And now, the original Bob's is back in business, having opened in May this year. And that's where Mike and I had dinner, carrying on our day of nostalgia with each other!

I had to leave the next morning, but oh how my heart was filled up after these happy returns to childhood memories.

Thank you for treating me to such a great day Mike!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! pictures from the beach are amazing.... I love those kind of beaches... you know... and driftwood oh!
    It's so great you could have such a perfect day with Mike! Love i.

  2. Great way to capture the day. It was so much fun to just hang out with you for a day at the beach. Thanks so much for making the effort to come to Eugene and for putting together a memorable blog post.