Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Smile On My Face

Every now and then I wish I could be a high schooler again.

Why would I want do that??

So I could be in a Fusion choir! At camp. With my friends. Dancing and singing my heart out.

Or maybe in a CrossFit class like this one. Working out. Getting strong. Being spurred on by my friends.

That is precisely what 110 young people and staff are doing over in Poland this week at our H20 facility. They are having the time of their life at a JV music/fitness camp.

Every day the young people are spending the morning in the track they've chosen, either with Fusion choir or in CrossFit.

After their morning track they get to attend a workshop, like learning to play the guitar.

Or getting roped in to climb a tree!

Others will be in the pools, playing volleyball or learning how to swim laps like the Olympic athletes!

Later in the afternoon there will be time for building relationships, and in the evening they'll sing the camp song, play games and listen to a talk that will share part of the Gospel message.

Some students will hear that message for the first time this week. Others will have heard it at a previous camp or youth group but not have taken the step of faith to ask Jesus to be their Savior.

All of them will have an opportunity to do so in a few days. Pray for them!

It was awesome to watch those high schoolers having a great time today. But what I loved most of all was thinking about how this week at camp will completely change some of their lives. I so look forward to hearing news later on this week about some of those young people putting their faith in Jesus.

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than that thought!

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