Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heading to Prague

Tyler left on a train at 10 this morning, heading to Prague.

Sixty nine others are making their way to Prague tomorrow. Some (like our nephew Justin from Denver!) are flying in from the States. Others have already arrived in Europe so are coming by cars and trains to meet up in Prague.

What's in Prague?

JV's version of the Amazing Race!

Our staff have been hard at work planning JV intern training, which starts off with this team bonding experience.

Last year the interns were in Vienna, Bratislava and Brno over the course of three days, as they were racing towards Malenovice.

Who knows where they'll be for this year's Amazing Race? Or what kinds of crazy, challenging or outrageous courageous activities they'll be involved in?!

What we do know is that they'll eventually all end up at our training center on Friday for five days of training in teaching English, leading small groups, sharing their faith, being culturally sensitive, answering questions, playing games, having spiritual conversations...and a lot of other things!

Dave will be teaching out of Ephesians each evening, focusing on our identity in Christ.

It's going to be a rich week for the interns...and we're praying it will be an awesome summer of ministry for them afterward!

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