Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Unexpected Delay

Out of love and kindness to the newlywed's, I have not blogged or posted about what has been going on these past days since the wedding - didn't want them worrying. :)

But today I let them know so now can let you all know too.

On Saturday morning after all the wedding festivities had ended on Friday, I was admitted to a hospital here in Chattanooga.

For two weeks, even during the wedding week, I was struggling with fever and abdominal pain. By God's good, HUGE, grace, He allowed me to make it through the week. But Friday night my body said "Enough". After a very difficult, painful night, Dave took me to a small hospital here on the recommendation of Pat and Traci, Lara's parents.

The hospital staff has been amazing as they have worked hard to track down what is wrong. I have had almost every test imaginable, including the Pill Cam today.

We will have the results from that tomorrow, but the antibiotics they are giving me seem to be making progress on the infection that they see in my intestines. On top of that I have a UTI and have had a three day migraine. Not a lot of fun!

They wish they knew the origin and "why" of the infection, but that may be impossible to discover. As we well know, stomach troubles are so hard to diagnose.

The good news is that thus far they have ruled out all the biggies and we hope it stays that way.

I don't know when I will be discharged. Am still pretty weak, but yet gaining little bits of strength each day.

The care here has been fantastic, and the dear ones who have stayed with me in the hospital, absolutely wonderful. My heart has truly been at rest in this unexpected delay in our travels and I fully trust Him for the timing of my release.

Not many pictures to post for this one. Only the view from my bed.


  1. Oh, GF, have been praying since I heard, along with my small group. Glad tests are looking positive. Please keep us posted -- love you tons!

  2. Oh no! So sorry to hear this! I had been wondering how you were doing, since I know you said you were sick before you left. Thanks for the update! Praying for you sweet friend!!!

  3. Oh Connie, so so sorry to read this -- was hoping that you were on the mend! Will be praying for answers and return to health. If it's any consolation, you have been an example to me many times in your perseverance in believing God and selflessness in remaining cheerful DESPITE sickness and/or tiredness. Thank you for example in this area -- but I'll be praying that he won't let you in this spot too long!