Friday, June 1, 2012

JV Interns are Here

Over 100 JV interns have arrived for a summer of ministry throughout our 12 JV countries!

They are in the middle of what we call "The Amazing Race", racing their way through three countries to Malenovice where intern training starts tonight!

The point of the race is to bond the teams as they are asked to do all sorts of crazy, team bonding activities along the way. It's an intense, but super way to get to know teammates who you'll be with practically 24/7 throughout the summer!

Pray for these fresh, faith-filled young people! They desire to share, show and know Christ this summer as they share their lives and the Gospel with young people throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Claire and I head to Prague this afternoon so she can take the SAT test there tomorrow morning. Dave will be at Malenovice tonight sharing the JV story, and teaching the interns tomorrow morning. He then gets on a train to join Claire and I in Prague and we all leave Sunday morning for the States.

The interns will continue on with their training for the next four days, and then spread out all across this region for the rest of the summer.

May it be a fruit-filled summer as many young people hear and respond to the Gospel!

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