Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wouldn't Miss It

When I come to Oregon, the state I was raised in, there are a few things that "make" my visit. Today I got to do one of them.

Visit the Oregon Coast.

In my growing up years, we spent a lot of time there - little day trips, camping trips, family vacations, visits to Mo's (a restaurant up and down the coast that was started in Newport in 1946, famous for their clam chowder), walks on the beach, eating salt water taffy...endless fun!

With my mom and dad, brother, Mike and Claire, we headed over to Florence this morning, and then made our way to Newport later in the day. Unusually, it got sunnier and warmer as we drove closer to the coast...if you've been here you know that's not normal! What a great gift it was today.

It was a gorgeous day for a visit and SO good to be there - fills up that true "Oregonian" that lives inside me! :)

Lots of fun photos to remember the day...thanks Mom, Dad and Mike for giving Claire and I such a wonderful day!


  1. I seriously cannot believe you had such great weather! What a fun treat from the Lord! My favorite picture is the one of you in the taffy shop!

  2. This day was wonderful! Thanks for taking me to so many places, Mom! I love your "home" state too!