Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tyler and Mom

One day you're bringing your firstborn home from the hospital. The road out ahead seems so long and wonderful. "We'll have so many years together", you think.

Then you're taking your first "mother and son" photos...we were in Wheaton for this one, while Dave was in grad school. I literally decided that morning, "Hey, we should go take a picture together!", so off we went to Walmart! Dave's dear Aunt Annette knit that sweater for him with his name on it. So sweet!

Wow...then all of a sudden it's the first day of school. We were living in Haviřov by then. He's headed down the road to start his school life. It still seems like we have many more years in front of us.

Time is passing...and my hair styles are ever changing! HA!

There are all the birthdays that we celebrated...this was his 5th. We know how to do birthdays...have so much fun at them!

And a few years later, it's another birthday...this one spent at our friends who lived in Frydlant, the Pitcher's, since we were living in the hotel at the time and there wasn't much space there to celebrate.

Then...time sped up. Before I knew it, he was off to his "pinning" ceremony for his last year of high school. Where did time go??

Oh my...and was time to see him off to college. I cried. When did my little guy, my firstborn, grow up?

And's the night before his wedding. HIS WEDDING!!!! He fell in love...found another woman to be the "first" in his life. Tomorrow I will watch him take her hands and say his vows.

I'm so proud of the man he has become! It's a joy to watch him move into his role as a husband. He's going to be a great one!

But in the end...he's my firstborn. My baby. My son.

I love you Tyler!!! I will cry tomorrow...but it will be tears of great joy! You're an awesome man and Lara is one blessed woman to be marrying you in the morning!!!


  1. What a sweet photo remembrance of Tyler's life. Laughed at the infamous slip n slide & ice cream sundae party. Loved photos of all the stages of the boy we love. So happy for him tomorrow. Will rejoice with you and cheer them on from afar

    All our love with you & your family


  2. So looking forward to seeing Tyler and Lara be married tomorrow...I too have the same snapshot memories of Tyler, seeing him only every year or two growing up.

    As a little tyke in Chicago watching Tigger and Pooh, in Czech going to school, in Seattle and Eugene at Mom and Dad's and taking him to a Switchfoot concert. I didn't get to spend enough time with Tyler but am sure that his future is bright and perfect with Lara.

  3. Love this photo journal Connie! And your healthy send off to your son as you bless him while he creates his ow home is beautiful!!!

  4. Beautiful! (And, OH YES: Did you notice how YOU got cuter as he got older? ROCK ON, Momma! ;-)

  5. Hey, I have some of these exact snapshots in my mind too of Tyler!

    It's crazy how time sort of contracts with children growing.

    So head-to-toe-happy with he and Lara and you all!
    love, karen

  6. Connie I celebrate this season with you.