Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I love all our traditions around weddings. It makes the occasion last so much longer when you have more events leading up to the wedding!

Today Tyler and Lara had their rehearsal at the gorgeous venue where they will be married on Friday. Because it's a morning wedding (so no one wants to be up too late the night before), the rehearsal was held today, with the rehearsal dinner following.

What fun we had tonight at the dinner, joined by dear family and friends for it. Dave led in such a warm evening of sharing about Tyler and Lara, giving opportunity for the precious ones who joined us to share their memories, as well as words of blessing with them.

The world slowed down for a few hours while we just soaked in the goodness of the Lord in bringing these two wonderfully unique people together to share the rest of their lives together.

We are really having an amazing wedding week, getting ready for the big event on Friday, but are enjoying the lead-up and traditions beforehand almost as much as we will enjoy the day itself - though there is no doubt that will be the best part of all!

More fun to come tomorrow!

(Drives me crazy not to have a good program for blogging when I am away from home! Doesn't let me arrange pictures so these are out of order from the day. But you get the gist!)

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