Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Visit

After saying goodbye to my parents and brother, Claire and I flew from Oregon to Chicago yesterday afternoon. Dave was there to pick us up - so good to see him again after these past two weeks apart.

Then the three of us headed downtown to visit Tyler and Lara at their new apartment!

It sure didn't feel like they were just married two weeks ago. Their apartment is set up so nicely, they hosted us like they'd been doing it for years (even making gluten free brownies for us - thank you! With honey lattes made by Tyler...all very yummy!), and they are just so adorable and "right" together. Can't imagine they ever WEREN'T married!

They live just a block away from Lake Michigan so we took a walk out there to take in the view, which was pretty spectacular on a summer evening. God has provided such a wonderful place for them to begin their married life together.

What a treat to get to spend a little time with them before we head on to Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan today!

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